I was born in Como, in 1973. Since then, I am a wanderer. I like to explore, discover, go in a zig-zag line. I am intrigued by comforts, but I know very well the value of important things. Important things are: having a pull that covers your stomach, a plate with something warm in it to eat, and a bed where you can sleep. Everything else is just an ornament. I learned it from the guests of a psychiatric hospital and some terminal ills with whom I did my first job. Once I knew them, I have never been the same as before. That's why I walk on tiptoe as if I'm walking on a road of snow. I want to leave a footprint, a kindly impression: I do not mind raising my voice, I do not like making noise.

I think, and this is my position on the subject, that if you open your mouth, write a post, or send a message, this must be a gift. For those who express it, and for those who receive it. Otherwise, the silence, the silence that can listen, is the best choice. I have a magic wand, it's called: storytelling. I know how it works. I studied it, and I still go on studying it, it's my gift and sometimes my damnation. I teach it to those who are at the top of the social ladder and to those in the shadows, I teach it in shelters at 3,000 meters above sea level and in the most coveted and luxurious locations. I lead a sabbatical life, I love, I'm still learning. About tomorrow, I'm interested in you, and the story we will write together.