Each company has its own story, the company itself is a story, created by people who have their story, story of life, personal and professional. Moreover, a company makes products or offers services to improve an aspect of their clients' story, and it communicates all of that trying to create, and keep the best “narrative bridges”.

I deal with coaching about narrative themes, in organisational and strategic business and banking contexts. I give consultancy to CEO and top managers, to better manage the engagement projects of their internal audience, to HR to support them during the organisational change phases, to the marketing and their sales force for narrative projects and marketing positioning.



Communication B2B doesn't exist, and it has never existed. Communication has always been H2H: Human to Human. But with wich narrative voice and through which Narrative World is it more appropriate to appear in the market and into the world of relational communication (e.g. store), paper (e.g. packaging) and digital (e.g. social)?


I carry out corporate and individual consultancies concerning Archetypal Branding: a primary and beautiful path that allows you to create the right narrative strategy, and the consequential narrative voice, to convey engaging messages according to your audience target.